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About Us

Everything Wildlife is a wildlife e-commerce retail business supplying products around the theme of Australian native wildlife.  This covers products:

  • for wildlife rehabilitation, such as cages, food, pouches, covers, etc,
  • depicting wildlife, such as jewellery, printed T-shirts and other decorative items,
  • supporting wildlife, such as environmentally friendly products not directly focused on wildlife such as organic hessian bags.

Our vision is:

To provide support to wildlife welfare by:

  • raising the awareness of the general public of the beauty of our wildlife through our products,
  • assisting wildlife rehabilitators through provision of economical supplies,
  • providing a work environment for employees which enables them to care for wildlife.


The aim of the business is to provide an income and a mechanism to support wildlife welfare and education.  It should support its shareholders and employees financially, and directly and indirectly enable the support wildlife welfare (e.g. by providing specialised products and by making financial and non-financial donations to welfare) and directly and indirectly encourage others to support wildlife welfare (e.g. by raising awareness and knowledge of Australian native wildlife).

The business was founded by Judith Hopper a long time wildlife rehabilitator with a passion for flying-foxes and macropods.

Most of the animals photographed on this site are Judy's rehabilitation wildlife.  You can follow the story of her wildlife activities via our blog.